Missing you letters

Missing you letters fall into the personal category of letters. These are personal letters that are written for conveying intimate feelings between two people. The people concerned can be lovers, friends, siblings, children, grand parents etc. Mostly the letters deal with people who are very close to each other and hence distance makes their heart fonder.

The letters should be hand written for making it more personal. The beginning should be casual and affectionate to set the mood for the letter. The letter can speak of things and activities that were done together with the reader and reminisce about the good times spent together with each other. The details of the events can add the extra spice in the letters. The language should be casual and the flow consistent.

The letters should be written using flowery words and endearing thoughts. The reader should be able to feel the same pathos of separation that the writer is trying to convey. The feelings of the writer should come across very clearly without confusion. The letter though intimate in nature should be decent and not be overly touchy so musch so that the reader is depressed on reading it.

The letter should give the reader hopes on meeting and reconciliation very soon. The positive note would make the letter fresh and welcome. The letter should be dated. The signing off can be done lingeringly for compounded effect.

Missing you letters can be sent to clients and customers in business. These are formal letters and should be handled accordingly. These should be sent with details of new offers or discounts if any.