Party invitations letter ideas

Where’s the party tonight? Throwing a party at home or at office and you are not able to write out the invitation letter? Don’t worry! We will help you.

Keep the tone of the invitation positive. After all, the occasion is going to be a very pleasurable one. Imagine the smiles that cross the face of your guests while they read your invitation.

One can take a themed approach or poetry for sending out invitations for an informal occasion.

Elaborate the invitation, to include the occasion, the place, date and time. If the occasion is has a specific purpose like honoring somebody or celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, mention it.

Specify if gifts are not expected in cases of events like an anniversary, reception or retirement. But if gifts are allowed, it is better to be quiet on that, except in cases of baby showers and weddings.

In case of themed occasions, mention the dress code.

Let the reader know your anticipation.

Let them know that you will wait for their reply till a specific date.

The invitation letters must be dispatched as early as possible.

Tips for an invitation letter

The invitation letter must have:

* The name of the host/hostess

* The invitees’ name

* If a person can bring his/her family

* The types of occasion

* The address, date and time of the occasion

* A simple outline for the direction of location

* Dress code for the occasion, if any.

* Deadline for response, if any