Samples of Hardship letters

Hardship letters are those where a person can appeal to the mortgage companies for giving him another chance. This is just a small part of the workout process. The following will help you write a mortgage letter.

Name: Name of the borrower

Address: Address of the borrower

Mortgage Company: The name of the company

Loan Number: The loan number allotted by the company to the borrower

I, (the borrower’s name), request you for reviewing my financial condition to check I am eligible for any option for work out.
I am not able to make the monthly repayments of the loan which I had borrowed due to the financial crisis being faced because of (the cause(s), select whichever is applicable):


Lowering of income


Separation from partner

Large medical bills

The sudden death of the spouse

Huge debts

Passing away of my father/mother/any other member of the family

Heavy loss in business

Relocation of job
Any critical medical conditions
Any damages that has happened to the property


Please specify if the non-payment is due to any other reasons that have not been mentioned above.

I am facing this condition since (the date) and I am confident that the condition is temporary.



The information which has been furnished above is correct and true to the extent of my knowledge.

Signature of the borrower,


Signature of the co-borrower,